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FriBID är ett fritt program för e-legitimation med BankID.
OBS! FriBID är i praktiken nedlagt, och fungarar inte att använda längre.

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#1 2012-02-22 11:08:31

Registered: 2012-02-22

friBID on OpenBSD

does anyone have experience with FriBID on openbsd?
what dependencies does it have?

english or swedish replies are welcome


#2 2012-02-22 19:14:17

From: Linköping
Registered: 2011-03-28

Re: friBID on OpenBSD

Hi patrick,

I tried to get FriBID working on FreeBSD some time ago, but I ran into a few problems. There were some things in the code that caused the build to fail, but I think all those were fixed in the source tree. The main problems remaining that I know of are:

1. The secure memory implementation in FriBID depends on a user process being able to tell the operating system that certain memory should never be paged out to disk, which is only allowed for processes running with root privileges in FreeBSD (i suspect that OpenBSD may behave similarly). If you are running with encrypted swap, which I'm guessing that a lot of OpenBSD users are, it should be safe to disable the secure memory calls in FriBID.

2. I tried using a couple of web services with FriBID, but both of them performed operating system compatibility checks by looking at the user agent string that your browser sends to the page. So instead of the login page I got a page telling me that my operating system wasn't supported. It is probably possible to make the browser send a different user agent string through some kind of addin, or by redirecting the traffic through a proxy. However, at that point I lost interest so I never got further than that.

Also, looking at the wiki, it looks like someone has done some work on getting FriBID to work on NetBSD:


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